Monday, April 22, 2013

Field Trip and Fun Run

Fun Run on Wednesday

       We will run laps around the school today.  Everyone may participate for at least one lap.
Of course you may walk and jog together to complete your lap(s).  Bring back your pledge papers the next day.

   Field Trip on Thursday

We will be together in Cedar City all day on Thursday. 
First we’ll go to the Shakespeare Birthday Party at SUU in the morning. 
Lunch will be together at the park, or indoors at North Elementary if the weather is cold. 
Then we will go to the Fire Station and Fire Safety House in the afternoon.  We will return home by 3:25 pm.  A fun day for sure!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bug Costumes

Learning the music and dances for BUGZ has been exciting.  We have less than a month to prepare and polish our program.  This musical is one you won't want to miss!  Each boy and girl will have a speaking part, dance, and sing.  All of the girls will wear black and red to represent ladybugs.  The boys will wear camo clothes to represent army ants.  

Boys need to have a camouflage shirt for the BUGZ program.  Camouflage pants are welcome but not necessary.  If you do not have a shirt, please let me know and we’ll check with the other boys and see if we can come up with one for you to borrow for the program.
Girls need to wear red and black clothing.  You can were pants, skirt, or dress.
                     Speaking Parts
Memorize your speaking parts.  Remember to speak clearly and use expression like we have practiced in class.  You’ll sound great!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rock Stars in Our Class!

Rock Cycle Study
During the next two weeks we will be learning about the rock cycle.  Please begin collecting small rocks of different color, gloss, and texture –rough, smooth or sharp edges. 

The rocks should be small enough to fit into an egg carton.  You must collect your own rocks.  You may not use rocks that other people have collected in your family.  This is a brand new collection of rocks. 

You will not be required to identify the specific minerals.  We will be looking more at the variety of color, gloss, and texture.   Also remember the general area where you found these special rocks.

BRING YOUR ROCK COLLECTION IN YOUR EGG CARTON AS SOON AS YOU GET IT ALL FILLED UP.                      (Minimum of 12 different rocks)

Next Monday is our field trip to The Wizard Of Oz!   Thank you for your $1 donation.  Good Luck Marina!
If you have not turned in the permission slip for your child, I will send one home to you and note it on your Homework Tracker.

Thanks for remembering to bring fun things for our prize box. Every week we are surprised with new additions.  Candy, small toys, and trinkets are treasures.

                   Enoch Tigers are the GRRRRREATest.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Talent Show!

Talent Show On Thursday

         Talent Show:            Thursday
         Time:                  12:30
         Place:                    Gym

Our class will be sharing their talents along with Mrs. Dawson’s second graders.  Families are invited to attend.  It usually lasts about an hour.

Goodbye Brassica Rapa Plants

End of our Plant Cycle
We will harvest our Brassica rapa seeds to bring home on Monday or Tuesday.  Let us share our knowledge with you.  We can tell you how each of these vocabulary words fit into the life cycle of a plant and what they mean.  I bet we could even draw you a diagram if you asked!
         embryo              food storage         seed coat
         pistil                    style                  stigma        
         stamen               anther                  filament        
         symbiosis           pollen                  nectar
         cotyledons          true leaf                sepals                    
         germinate          petal                  node (on stem)
         pollinate              botanist                    photosynthesis                 


Measurement Week

    Facts to memorize:

              foot = 12 inches
              yard = 36 inches 
              yard = 3 feet

              gallon = 4 quarts
              quart = 4 cups
              pint = 2 cups

      Measurement Days
      Bring these items to class:

Tues.  An item that is 1 centimeter long
           An item that is 1 inch long

Wed.  An item that is about 1 foot long

 Thurs.  A string, thread, belt, or something similar that is 1 yard

  Fri.   Tell us how tall YOU measure:
            ____ft. ____ inches