Thursday, February 28, 2013

Growing Plants

Our Brassica Rapa plants have sprouted already!  :)
This unusual plant was developed by scientists for research and education.  We are lucky to be growing them in our classroom.  We like to think of ourselves as botanists.

We will be celebrating Dr. Suess  this week.  It will be fun!   Thank you Dr. Suess for writing fun poetry for us to enjoy 

We are studying the same spelling words this week.  Those children who got 100% last Friday do not have to take the test again.  These students know who they are.

I love your children!  They are growing up before my eyes.  I truly love each one. 

               ENOCH TIGERS ARE GREAT!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Enoch Rocks Again

Spelling Rocks Again!
Our spelling scores are very high. Congratulations, you are doing very well!

              Dental Health Month
We had a great dental health presentation and learned about proper dental hygiene. Did you know we should brush our teeth for 2 minutes?  Time yourself and see!
I love our community!  We had fun last week focusing on our families. It was fun seeing the overwhelming support of parents.  Our walls are covered with pink and red love notes and family pictures. Our children love their families!

      Thank you for your Help
Thank you boys and girls for your generous help during our fundraisers.  This is our last week of collecting coins.  Our class was one of the top 3 who donated shoes! Thank you parents and families for your kindness and generosity. 

Welcome to our class Andrew!

      Remember to work on Fry Phrases and Decodable Booklets while doing your nightly reading.  Those minutes count for your homework tracker.  We should be on Decodable 15-16 now.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Take Your Family to School Week!


  See more details of each day on the back.

Monday---Shoe Can Do It

Tuesday---Morning with Mom 8:30 am

Wednesday---Love notes from parents to kids

Thursday---Valentine’s Day party in classroom

Friday---- Doughnuts with Dad  8:30 am

               Science Fair
I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to participate in the Science Fair this year.  Read through the paper handout and also look online for elementary school age projects. There are many fun ideas that are very easy.  Fill out the registration form and return it to me by March 1st if you wish to participate.

Our Service Project

School Service Project Feb. 1 – 21st

Did you give your parents the papers about our service project to help cancer patients and their families?  Please explain our school service project, Pennies for Patients, to your parents.  It will last for 3 weeks.  Bring back your little yellow collection boxes every Friday and we will empty them into our white class collection box. 

     Author to Visit Enoch Elementary            

We will get to visit with the author, Shane Williams, at 10:00 am. on Tuesday morning.  I wonder if he liked to write poems when he was a second grader?

    We will be having a Valentine’s Day party on February 14.  Everyone would like to give valentines to each other.  Here is a list of the 26 children in our class!

Kaden,         Jessica         Trevor         Dustyn        Clara         
Mikemry     Jonathan     Jaylee          Jossee          Lane

Kaylie          Seth             Maidson      Macie           Mary 
Kamrey       Riley            Marina        Baylor          Kyler          
Thomas       Daniel          Kai               Presley        Noah

Julie         Mrs. Jenson

No specific Valentine party assignments will be given.  Anyone who would like to bring a small treat to pass out may.    Thank you