Saturday, January 26, 2013

We've Got the Reading Bug

   Mid Year Progress Reports sent home Friday Jan. 25 

Our class read the most minutes for the month of January!  Good job kids.  Everyone improved on their DIBELS fluency assessments too.  We've got the reading bug.

   Decodable Books
We are on schedule for Book Set 14 in our decodable books.  Check your yellow tracking sheet in your binders and make sure you are up to date.  Yes, we pass off a few stories in class with Mrs. Kurtz, but usually this a project for nightly reading  practice with your parents.  Do your best to stay caught up.

             FRY PHRASES
We practice a fry phrase list and a 100 word list together every morning at the beginning of each day.  You are sounding wonderful as a class!  How are you doing at passing off your individual fry phrase lists in your binders?
This is just a reminder to include passing those off during your nightly reading time too. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Martin Luther King Holiday

Mid Year Progress Reports
   will be sent home Friday

    Wow we did so well on our spelling words last week.  Congratulations!

We are practicing reading the clock a lot in class.  Parents, ask your child what time the hands on the clock say at different times of the day.  Let them explain their answers.  I’m very pleased with their progress.

Thank you for doing your homework, reading, spelling, and getting your tracker signed each night.  You are the BEST! 




Brrrr! Frigid Cold Weather!

Bundle up in your warm winter clothing.  Make sure you are dressing warm enough to play outside.  We usually get to play outside each day.

We have worked on telling time a lot.  Can you tell a difference?  Do you feel like you understand?  We’ll keep studying all right?  Also, how do you feel about adding up numbers and carrying the tens into the tens column?
I hope you are having fun discovering these new things together in our class.  We are ALL learning.  We can help each other!
In science we are studying WEATHER


Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's 2013

                         Welcome Back!

This FRIDAY is a SPECIAL SHOW and TELL for my class only.
This is the ONE day of the year it’s okay to have my class bring a toy to school.  We must follow these rules:

   1       Choose a new Christmas toy that you received that will fit in your backpack.
   2       As soon as you arrive to school, place the toy in Mrs. Jenson’s office!
   3       Toy will be kept under lock and key.
   4       At 2:30, we’ll bring out our toys, sit around the rug and “show and tell” with each other. 

Keep practicing reading the clock.  Know how to tell time down to 5 minute increments.  It will get easier the more we practice. Test on FRIDAY.
Thank you for doing your homework, reading, spelling, and getting your tracker signed each night.  You are the BEST!  ABSOLUTELY the BEST