Wednesday, December 19, 2012

More Countries to Visit

Monday We’ll be in Africa.  Let’s make a zebra puppet.  I think zebras are more common in Africa than reindeer.  Although I may be wrong! 

Tuesday  We’ll be in Italy. We’ll learn about La Befana.

Wednesday   No traveling today.  We’ll make sure all of our souvenirs are finished and relax a bit in our hotels since it’s early out.

Thursday  We’re going to Denmark.  We’ll decorate our paper tree with treats for wild birds and animals.

Friday  PAJAMA DAY  We’ll board the HOLIDAY AIRLINES and return back home to the USA.  We’ll make a dancing Santa and have a Christmas Party at 1:30. We’ll open presents and watch a holiday DVD while we enjoy a few treats.  You may bring a small blanket and pillow for the movie!

Anyone is welcome to bring a small treat to share during the party.  No specific treat assignments have been given.  (Optional of course.)

Trimming Our Tree

Special Ornament for our Tree!  Check with mom first! Please bring one ornament from your home to hang on our tree. Please let it hang on our tree until the last day before Christmas break.  Then carefully take your ornament back home. We will have a beautiful tree with all kinds of decorations.

Hop on the Christmas Train

ALL ABOARD!!!!  We're beginning our journey around the world on the Christmas Train!  We're going to have so much fun learning how boys and girls celebrate the Christmas holidays.  I've got your passports waiting!!!!   All ABOARD!!!!!!!
Monday we’ll be in France.  *Make stained glass windows.
Tuesday we’ll visit Germany.  *We’ll make paper gingerbread houses and a gingerbread boy.
Wednesday we’ll be in England.  This is where we got our Christmas stocking tradition.  *We’ll make a paper stocking and sew it with yarn.       
 *Bring your real stocking from home to show us.
Thursday we’ll visit Mexico.  *We’ll make a beautiful poinsettia and learn about it’s meaning as a Christmas flower.
 Friday we’ll be in Sweden.  Let’s make a candle crown like Saint Lucia wears.

December Days

Secret Santa Shop:
Our class goes Friday, December 6th.

Your student should have brought home an envelope and flyer about this.  The kids are invited to shop for Christmas presents.  They all receive supervision and help to do this.  You just send the envelope and designate whom the present is for and how much you want them to spend. If you do not wish to participate, that is fine. Those students will stay in the classroom with me and read a Christmas book.

All 2nd Graders: Monday Dec. 17th at 12:50 p.m.

We perform a song from Polar Express called “When Christmas Comes To Town.”  We are learning sign language and it is beautiful.  We would invite any parents or people that love us to come watch.  It will be held in the gym.  Make sure you are on time or you will miss it.  We perform this number very first.  After your student sings you are invited to stay and join us in some all-school Christmas caroling.
We will be finished about 1:30.

Christmas Party For 27 kids. 
Our class Christmas Party will be on Friday December 21stth from 2:30-3:30. Anyone is welcome to bring treats to share for the class.

Thank you boys and girls!  Enoch Tigers are great.