Monday, October 29, 2012

Fry Phrases

Fry Phrases
I am going to send home the Fry Phrase folder that will be stored in your binder.  These are good to study for 5 minutes as a warm up before you do your Book in a Bag nightly reading.

      How To Pass Off a List!
Please study and practice these lists at home and include the time spent as part of your reading minutes!   When you are ready to pass off a list you may read the list to a teacher and pass it off one list at a time. 

There are a total of 24 lists.  Children may go at their own speed and pass off more than one each week if desired.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Recess

We had fun with our learning and activities during Red Ribbon Week.  Thanks PTA

No Spelling because of the shortened week.

Enjoy your Fall Recess beginning on Thursday 18th.  I hope you have a chance to enjoy the fall leaves.  See you back on Tuesday 23rd!

We have a GREAT class.  Thank you boys and girls. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SEOP Week is Here


SEOP’s are here!  It will be great to talk to you about your child.  Each one is special!  I love their individual gifts, talents, personalities, enthusiasm, and joy to share! 
School dismisses at 2:30 pm. every day, including Wednesday.
Our story this week is The Enormous Turnip. Our online spelling games and practice are found under this story.

Prize Box Payoff!

Prize Box

Thank you for continuing to send small items for our prize box.  We get to choose from it every Friday.  The kids have been so good I have let them select 2 items if they have the majority of their incentive tickets.  They usually choose a trinket and a tiny piece of candy.  The kids are EXCITED and I think it’s a great payoff for a week of excellent work.  

Fall Recess

We had fun with our learning and activities during Red Ribbon Week.              Thanks PTA J
No Spelling because of the shortened week. 
Enjoy your Fall Recess beginning on Thursday 18th.  I hope you have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the fall leaves.
See you back on Tuesday 23rd
 Enoch Tigers are Great!

Red Ribbon Week is Here

There are lots of fun things planned for the whole week.  Check the flyer of events the kids are bringing home.

Fall Recess Coming Up! 
No school on Thursday Oct. 18, Friday Oct. 19, nor Monday Oct. 22. 

WE had 100% attend Parent Conferences!!!!!!!! My students and their parents are awesome J

Decodable Books

Great job reading our decodable books.
I am spot checking the students who are passing off books.  Please make sure you know all of the words without hesitation. 

How do you know if you are ready to pass it off?  Your reading tone and fluency should sound the same as if “telling a story”.  You should read these stories the same speed as if you are speaking to someone.  If you casually time the story, it should take around 2 – 2 1/2 minutes.

It's Great to Be Prepared for Emergencies

We practice fire drills once a month.  The students do very well responding to these practices.  We also role-played a Lockdown Drill this month.  We want to be prepared with an action plan if the need arises for these safety procedures. 

Our story this week is Wilson Sat Alone. Our online spelling games and practice are found under this story.

We are learning about being bully blockers at school.
                  CAST the bully  away!
                  C=Stay CALM & CONFIDENT!
                  A=Move AWAY from the bully.
                  S=Tell them to STOP!
                  T=If they don’t stop, TELL an adult.

SEP’s are coming up the first week of October. I am sending home SEOP appointment times on Tuesday 25th.  Please send back the bottom portion of the appointment paper so I will know if you are planning on attending.  Thank you.
Thank you boys and girls!  Enoch Tigers are great.

Counting Coins!

Our Class Goal for Counting Coins
Everyone should be comfortable counting mixed combinations of dimes, nickels, and pennies.  We should be able to count change up to $1.00.  Please practice at home with real coins. Do not use the quarter in your mix of coins yet.  Begin with the largest value first.  For example count the dimes first, add on nickels next, then pennies last.  This is how we do it at school. 

Reinforcement and additional practice with real coins will help. Thanks for your support.


If you would like a fun way to help your child study their spelling words check out This is a great site. When you go to the site you can look for Shirley Jenson at Enoch Elementary. My site has all of the spelling lists for the year.  Give it a try and see what you think. Also there is an app for i-phones and i-pads etc. that is free!!!

                         Have fun practicing

   1. cried
      2. hurried
 3. replied
 4. fried
 5. tried
 6. worried
 7. carried
 8. married
 9. copied
10. studied

Challenge Words

11. remarked
12. alone
13. finished
14. river
15. think

New Spelling Format

         You will notice the spelling list looks a little different.  I have grouped the last five words separately because they don’t follow the spelling pattern we are learning this week.  Rather than deleting these five words from the list, I am going to refer to them as “challenge words”.  Each parent and child has the option of learning these challenge words for the test.  These extra words may make it too stressful for some children, so I am letting you decide as a parent if your child is ready to add the challenge words to their list.  (You decide as you study with them during the week and see how it goes.)
         I am holding everyone accountable for the first 10 words.  Their spelling score will reflect the correct spelling of these 10 words only.  Those who choose to spell the challenge words will not be penalized if they make an error. I will simply make the correction on their test so they see the correct model. As all children develop and mature at different rates, I am making this adaptation to meet the needs and diversity of my class. I hope you will support me!  It’s the learning process we are celebrating.
Picture Day Thursday J  All students will be photographed for the yearbook.

Picture Day is Thursday September 13th. Every student will need to get their picture taken on this day however; you do not need to purchase any.
They take everyone's picture so a class picture can be made and also for the yearbook.

1. cry
2. hurry
3. reply
4. fry
5. try
6. worry
7. carry
8. copy
9. marry
10. study

Challenge Words

Welcome Back

Welcome back after a long weekend!
       We had our first Math assessment last week.  After our tests have been corrected and we answer any questions, I have the boys and girls bring their tests home to share with you. Every 5th lesson is an assessment so you may want to watch for that.  For example, lesson   #5, #10, #15, #20, #25 are assessments.

Book in a Bag
       The Guided Reading Library has started sending books home.  Thank you! The librarians tried to pick up from where the students left off in first grade.  Please try this level with your student for a week or so.  If after that time you feel it is either too hard or too easy let me know. 
         Emergent readers need to practice the same words many times to become fluent.  If you come to a passage with a few unknown words, teach your child the words then practice them until your child shows confidence and automaticity.  Jot down the words on paper then practice them every day.  These kinds of individualized wordlists are ideal.  Use them creatively as good warm-ups to reading, brain breaks, and spur of the moment review fun.  Post difficult words on the fridge, mirrors, bedroom doors, and review them often.  Repetition is the key!